• Alcohol Affects Women Differently than Men

Women are involved in less than 15 percent of all DUI arrests. In 1997, a 14-county sample of metro-Atlanta DUI arrests revealed that of 22,000 DUI arrests, only 3,000 were women. Since men are more commonly involved in DUI arrests, men set the standard by which DUI tests are administered.
Police are not trained to assess women for DUI as they are with men. Since women process and respond to alcohol differently than men, it is much more difficult for an officer—even one with many arrests under his belt—to judge the intoxication level of a woman.
More importantly, breath-testing machines are not designed to accurately test a woman's blood alcohol level. The breathalyzer was designed for an average man's lung capacity, which is obviously much different than that of a woman. This causes the breathalyzer to read at a higher level, making the test inaccurate in determining a woman's blood alcohol level.
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