Divorce is often stress inducing, time-consuming, and emotionally painful—not only for the divorcing parties but also for the children, relatives and friends of those involved. Selecting an attorney who can minimize these aspects by effectively handling the legal and financial quagmire of divorce is not only financially advisable, but essential to the emotional well being of everyone involved.
A divorce proceeding involving large financial assets makes such a decision even more crucial. An expert matrimonial lawyer can ensure that you retain and/or maximize your financial security. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer, or an experienced lawyer unaccustomed to dealing with monumental financial considerations, could result in the failure to obtain substantial marital assets that are rightfully yours, or in you losing custody of your children.
Attorney Charles L. Webb specializes in complex litigation including high-income divorce. Divorce cases often require knowledge of other fields of law, such as personal injury, criminal, trusts and tax law.

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