Georgia DUI Laws have gotten tougher...
Don't lose your license.
Georgia residents charged with DUI are subject to what is known as the "10 Day DUI Rule." The "10 Day DUI Rule" stipulates that if you have been charged with a DUI and meet certain conditions, your license will be automatically suspended for one year—unless you apply for a special hearing within 10 days of the DUI. Failure to do so will automatically result in the one-year suspension.

Are you at risk? Answer these questions to find out!


Did you score a 0.08 or above on a BAC test?

Did you refuse to take a BAC test?

Did you try to take the test, but, the police said that you refused?

Were you under 21 and got a test result of 0.02 or higher?

Were you in a commercial vehicle and got a result of 0.04 or higher?

Are you not sure what your blood alcohol level was?

Did you get a yellow piece of paper "8 1/2 inches by 11 inches" entitled "Sworn Report of the Arresting Officer"?

If you answer YES to ANY of the above questions, you will lose your license if a hearing is not filed for on your behalf within 10 days of your arrest. Protect yourself!

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