Being arrested for a DUI can be a harrowing and unsettling experience. Arming yourself with knowledge about DUI can help minimize the emotional discomfort and trauma. At the law firm of Attorney Charles L. Webb Inc. they believe firmly in the adage that "knowledge is power." They have compiled some useful information regarding applicable laws and rights, what is... learn more

Starting a business, developing a corporation and attending to various ongoing legal and procedural aspects and specialized tax needs necessitate the services of a legal professional. The law firm of Attorney Charles L. Webb Inc. can handle a wide range of legal affairs including structuring, regulatory and securities compliance, contracts and agreements, policies, transactions... learn more

Bodily injury or injury to your character or reputation (libel) are both serious matters requiring expert legal representation. Personal injury and libel cases are complex and detailed, requiring substantive proof, meticulous documentation and the testimony of experts. When handled without the benefit of an attorney , personal injury cases are emotionally... learn more

The law firm of Attorney Charles L. Webb Inc. is an accomplished Georgia law firm dedicated to defending "The Seven Deadly Sins of Georgia" (murder, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sexual battery, armed robbery and kidnapping) for people who have been charged with these crimes, defrauded by deceptive business practices or seriously injured due to... learn more

As citizens, we implicitly grant police the authority to utilize force and limit certain liberties when necessary to protect our lives, liberties, and property. But police sometimes overstep their authority and misuse their power or use unreasonable or excessive force. Constitutional checks-and-balances ensure freedom from cruel and unusual punishment... learn more

Divorce is often stress-inducing, time-consuming, and emotionally painful—not only for the divorcing parties but also for the children, relatives and friends of those involved. Selecting an attorney who can minimize these aspects by effectively handling the legal and financial difficulty of divorce is not only financially advisable, but essential to the emotional well-being... learn more

If you have been targeted for an audit or investigation, an adroit tax attorney is mandatory to provide expert guidance, support and counsel. The Internal Revenue Service is known for being adversarial and IRS procedures are complicated and intricate. The benefits of procuring the assistance of a tax attorney far outweigh expenditures for legal fees. An attorney... learn more