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Being arrested for a DUI can be a harrowing and unsettling experience. Arming yourself with knowledge about DUI can help minimize the emotional discomfort and trauma. An arrest on DUI charges does not necessarily constitute loss of your license and driving privileges, astronomical fines or imprisonment. Contact us to learn how we can retain your license, mitigate your fines or jail time, or even successfully defend and win your case. If you scored a 0.08 or higher on your BAC test or you refused to take the test, you have only 10 days to request a special hearing. Failure to do so will result in a 1-year suspension of your license.

Criminal Defense


The law office of Attorney Charles L. Webb. is an accomplished Georgia law firm dedicated to defending "The Seven Deadly Sins of Georgia" (murder, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sexual battery, armed robbery and kidnapping) for people who have been charged with these crimes, defrauded by deceptive business practices or seriously injured due to the negligence of others.

Through dedication, experience and hard work our firm has earned a well-deserved reputation for winning difficult criminal and civil trials. We're among the few law firms in Georgia who have repeatedly had successful outcomes, outstanding credentials, and a deep commitment to pursuing justice for people who need it most.

We're looking forward to an opportunity to introduce you to our firm and to answer any question you might have related to your legal matters or personal injury claim.



Starting a business, developing a corporation and attending to various ongoing legal and procedural aspects and specialized tax needs necessitate the services of a legal professional. Attorney Charles L. Webb handled a wide range of legal affairs including structuring, regulatory and securities compliance, contracts and agreements, policies, transactions (such as purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, and acquisitions), disputes, and specialized tax needs. They also help with registration procurement and management of patents, brand names, trademarks and copyrights.

They also specialize in entertainment law, working to protect and preserve intellectual property, minimize loss and maximize revenue as it relates to the sale, use and distribution of your talent or talent you represent, secure adequate right retention. They make certain that contracts and negotiations are executed in a manner that protects the creative entity's best interests while limiting external interference. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer could result in failure to retain artistic and creative freedom and unfair relinquishment of rights to monies generated from the commercial sale, use and distribution of your talent or talent you represent.

Personal Injury


Bodily injury or injury to your character or reputation (libel) are both serious matters requiring expert legal representation. Personal injury and libel cases are complex and detailed, requiring substantive proof, meticulous documentation and the testimony of experts. When handled without the benefit of an attorney, personal injury cases are emotionally draining. Insurance company adjusters and attorneys for the party responsible for your injuries are usually aggressive in their determination to minimize their liability. Dealing with them is an extraordinarily difficult (not to mention time-consuming) experience.

A competent personal injury attorney can prove your injuries, recover compensation for medical treatment and wages and ensure that future treatment related to your injuries is covered. An experienced libel attorney can ensure that you are awarded the compensation you deserve for emotional suffering, damage to your reputation and detrimental consequences to your ability to sustain a job or earn a living related to the libel charge.

Police Brutality


As citizens, we implicitly grant police the authority to utilize force and limit certain liberties when necessary to protect our lives, liberties, and property. But police sometimes overstep their authority and misuse their power or use unreasonable or excessive force. Constitutional checks-and-balances ensure freedom from cruel and unusual punishment and protection from unlawful search and seizure.

If you have been the victim of unjustified, excessive or overly aggressive use of force or harassment, or if your rights have been disrespected by an officer of the law, Attorney Charles L. Webb will argue passionately in your defense.

Child Custody/Divorce


Divorce is often stress inducing, time-consuming, and emotionally painful—not only for the divorcing parties but also for the children, relatives and friends of those involved. Selecting an attorney who can minimize these aspects by effectively handling the legal and financial quagmire of divorce is not only financially advisable, but essential to the emotional well being of everyone involved. A divorce proceeding involving large financial assets makes such a decision even more crucial. An expert matrimonial lawyer can ensure that you retain and/or maximize your financial security. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer, or an experienced lawyer unaccustomed to dealing with monumental financial considerations, could result in the failure to obtain substantial marital assets that are rightfully yours, or in you losing custody of your children. Attorney Charles L. Webb specializes in complex litigation including high-income divorce. Divorce cases often require knowledge of other fields of law, such as personal injury, criminal, trusts and tax law.



If you have been targeted for an audit or investigation, an adroit tax attorney is mandatory to provide expert guidance, support and counsel. The Internal Revenue Service is known for being adversarial and IRS procedures are complicated and intricate. The benefits of procuring the assistance of a tax attorney far outweigh expenditures for legal fees. An attorney competent to handle complicated estate plans and tax matters can protect your financial assets, maximizing your financial interests, minimizing loss and navigating difficult tax loopholes. Choosing an inexperienced lawyer could result in exposure to audit, governmental seizure, inequitable liability or loss of substantial deductions to which you may be entitled.

The law office of Attorney Charles Webb, is well-versed in techniques that protect assets from creditors and estate taxes, saving significant tax dollars. They specializes in representation for individuals with significant estates as well as companies with significant tax exposure.

Civil Litigation


When legal or personal issues cannot be resolved between the parties, you may have no choice but to proceed with civil litigation.

It is in your best interest to have a civil litigation attorney at your side to help, counsel, and guide you in court. Attorney Charles L. Webb represents plaintiffs, and individuals who are defendants, in civil cases. His civil litigation experience began in 2003, when he served as a Senior Litigation Associate with the law firm of Drew, Eckl & Farnham, LLP in Atlanta, Georgia.  In this capacity, he was responsible for motor carrier defense cases, premises liability cases, and other civil litigation. We manage all phases of the litigation process from investigation, pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.